Acquire documentation for the Retail Replacement Value of your jewelry or receive a free in house assessment for resale on the second-hand market. Items purchased through our store are eligible for documented appraisals at no additional service charge upon request. All appraisals must be performed in person or with jewelry physically present. Call and make an appointment or stop in during our regular business hours.


We specialize in jewelry repairs and antique jewelry restoration. Each repair is handled with meticulous attention to detail by our team of skilled jewelers and metal smiths, adept in the art of recovering and altering antique jewelry. Pieces are returned thoroughly cleaned and inspected, with modern pieces polished to a high shine. Biannual inspection and cleaning of fine jewelry is recommended by jewelers and retailers as a precautionary method for securing stones and general maintenance.


Shop our extensive collection of estate jewelry, ranging from century old antiques, to retro and vintage, to modern! Browse by time period online, visit our Etsy and Rubylane shop, or stop into our brick and mortar storefront on Exchange Street in Portland, ME.



A lot of emotion can be involved when it comes to parting with personal items. We are here to make this process a smooth and easy one. We attribute our reputable buying tactics to competitive compensation techniques that reflect in our diverse inventory and high customer rapport. Our breadth of experience with estate and antique jewelry, combined with our knowledge of the ever-changing market will ensure your selling experience is a pleasant one.


We offer custom design services to clients looking to create or modify existing jewelry. Our myriad of unique inventory matched with over a decade of industry specific experience, makes our staff the ultimate purveyors of innovative design alternatives. We’ll help optimize your budget and crystallize your confidence when you consider the scope of your stylistic options and needs. Schedule an in house design consultation or shoot us a proposal in the form below.

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