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Jewelry is on a journey

At Attos Jewelry, we buy, sell, appraise and repair, high end artifacts, heirlooms, keepsakes and precious materials. We view jewelry as a genre of anecdotal relics, items that encapsulate the invaluable, immaterial and meaningful moments of one’s life. As cherished posessions or treasured metals and stones, these pieces are fraught with sentiment and history that transcends their monetary value. We’ve been in business for 17 years and believe that jewelry, like humans, exist to fulfill a multitude of destinies. At Attos Jewelry, we’ve developed a forte for helping them find their way. Whether an item was originally gifted to perpetuate a legacy, materialize a testament of devotion, or infuse some flash into one’s wardrobe, each piece is both a remnant and a souvenir, a cross stitch in the eternally unfolding odyssey of our intertwined lives.


Browse our extensive collection of modern, vintage, and antique estate jewelry, online or in store.


Do you have jewelry that you don’t wear? Bring it in and we’ll make you an offer.


Having trouble finding a piece that meets your specific needs? Consider designing a custom creation.


Have your jewelry appraised for insurance purposes or resale on the second hand market.


Keep your jewelry in immaculate condition by having it inspected, repaired and cleaned.


Preserve or revive your jewelry with our restoration services, specialized for fine and antique jewelry.

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