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Hope In The Time of Coronavirus

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Here at Attos Estate Jewelry, we’re in the business of all things precious. We’re very lucky to spend our days working with and admiring these tiny treasures and works of art called jewelry.

At this moment in time we’re all facing a new order of things and a new reality. It seems the world we knew only a few weeks ago will be forever changed, for better or worse. Right now we’re all doing a lot of reflecting on what’s important in our lives, and what may not be so essential.

The idea I keep thinking about is, “What is Precious?” Yes, precious is certainly the items we treasure like jewelry, because of the rare materials and special meaning or occasion they mark. But right now, I can’t help but think that the most basic thing that is precious is our health and safety. Right now most of us are able to phone in to work or get on group calls with Zoom. We can have food delivered to our doors and take that yoga class online finally! We’re pretty fortunate.

Right now though there are countless people in the world and in our own community that are now up against even more obstacles. Health and safety seem like a pure luxury right now to those that food and even basic shelter isn’t guaranteed.

I can’t think of a better time to focus on our community in this time of need. Going forward, we’re donating a portion of our proceeds to Preble Street, a local soup kitchen, homeless center and teen outreach program among other things. We’re joining them to help protect those that are most vulnerable right now and to literally save lives.

Thank you so much for reading this; this happens to be our first blog post. I can’t think of a better way to respond to this call to action and help others. We hope you join us.

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